Launching the “Asian Beat”: a Series on the Mobile Games Markets in Asia

As presented in our Global Mobile Games Landscape infographic, and with $5.9 billion in revenue in 2013, Asia-Pacific is currently and by far the largest market for mobile games. The Asian mobile games market is also overall very lucrative, with a monthly average spend per paying player of $2.86.

Asian Mobile Games Market
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However, and beyond raw figures, Asia is also rich of specificities which Western mobile game publishers (or any publisher, for that matter) need to be aware of when launching a title and establishing a presence there.

Knowledge of the local idiosyncrasies is key, which is also one of the reasons which led us to open our Asian office in Gangnam, Seoul last year. And successfully so: one year after its inception, AppLift APAC is fully operational and manned by 11 enthusiastic mobile professionals from South Korea and China.

We now feel it is time to share some of that locally-acquired knowledge…

Which is why we are launching the “Asian Beat”, a series of articles on specific topics in the mobile game markets of the region, enriched with locally-sourced insights from our Asian team.

We will be posting the first episode of the Asian Beat very soon, so…stay tuned!

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