A Debate on Standards: Challenges in Mobile Attribution in the Current Ecosystem [WEBINAR]

A crucial cornerstone of modern-day performance marketing is measurement. For mobile marketers, measuring the effectiveness of the campaigns is critical as it can help to connect the dots and gain insights into user events such as app install or in-app behavior to understand the user journey with the ad. The lack of standards in mobile attribution results in an uneven measurement of who should be attributed with which conversion.

In continuation of our ‘A Debate on Standards’ series, in this webinar Maor Sadra (CRO @ AppLift) is joined by Jonathan Winters (Head of UA @ MiniClip) and Michael Paxman (Team Lead Account Management JP & APAC @ Adjust) to dive deeper into the topic of standardization in mobile attribution, and to examine the challenges that are currently plaguing the industry.

Listen in as we discuss how a lack of standards in attribution is harming the industry, and why there’s a need to shake things up for growth. Check out the webinar recording below.