#AppLiftRecap: Facebook Live Chat With Mobile Marketers

Recently, we broadcasted a Facebook Live event in Korea, called “A Chat With Mobile Marketers”, where Jun Lim (VP of Korea and SEA, AppLift) hosted an insightful discussion to help startup marketers, app developers, or beginners to understand mobile app marketing.

We covered some common topics essential to mobile marketers in Korea, such as how startups should approach mobile user acquisition, difficulties in mobile advertising, retargeting, cross marketing, differences between online marketing and mobile marketing, pricing models, and more.

For our audiences across the world, we’ve summarised some of the key takeaways from this discussion; and for our Korean audiences, you can check out our video as well in the end!

What are some of the key points that app developers and startup marketers should look out for in mobile marketing and how should they approach it?

When approaching mobile marketing, marketers must set their own goals first. This means that marketers need to know who they are targeting specifically and how they want to approach their users. After that, we need to look out for the “indicators”, which can help marketers to figure out how well their apps are being used by users. Among the indicators, retention and 3rd-party attribution tools are very useful to have visible results at hand.

While retention is one of the most important indicators to track, there are many other metrics that should be looked at, depending on the KPIs and goals.For example, if it’s a gaming app, installs, registrations, tutorial completions, achieving certain levels in the game etc should be looked at. For an e-commerce app, factors such as installations, registrations, first purchase, second purchase etc. should be considered.

An important point which was discussed was whether ads can be targeted to only those who downloaded an app but didn’t register. Ad IDs (advertising IDs) present on every device can help advertisers figure out who hasn’t registered yet and target them through severals channels.

What are the differences between online marketing and mobile marketing?

The big difference between online marketing and mobile marketing is the existence of “cookies”. Since there are no cookies in mobile applications, it’s harder for marketers to figure out how well they are doing and how they can improve. For mobile marketing, third-party attribution tools are important to figure out what kind of ads users are clicking on, what kind of tendencies the users are showing, and what kind of actions users are undertaking.

On Pricing Models

The thumb of rule for mobile marketers is “more quality users at a lower price”. There are different pricing models in mobile advertising (CPM, CPC, CPI, CPA/CPE etc.), however, the price differs based on an advertiser’s KPIs. Earlier on, there was a notion that spending less is the best way to acquire users, but with the growth in adoption rates of tracking tools, advertisers are open to spend more if the KPIs are set right (i.e. the price must be set in line with the KPI). This can in turn increase the ROI/ROAS/LTV.

Facebook Live Chat With Mobile Marketers from AppLift on Vimeo.

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