Join the AppLift Team: How to Make Your Resume Count in 10 Seconds

We are back! Last time you learned about our recruitment process and now it’s time to give you some tips on how to write the optimal resume. AppLift receives thousands of resumes every month and we often see that sometimes a good resume can catch our eye in just a few seconds. Do you want to stand out? Stay ahead with our new blog series.

Together with compelling references, a resume is crucial for any job application, after all it represents you before anything else and first impressions are critical! Your education, previous work experience and accomplishments — all wrapped up in this one (or two) pager document — get only a couple of seconds to leave a lasting impression. Of course, it’s crucial that your resume matches the job you are applying for, but the way you present and write your resume professionally goes a long way in helping recruiters like us to catch your attention straightaway. For that reason, we are presenting you some Do’s and Don’ts that will help you to rock in the resume’s science and can get you invited for a first interview!


  • Keep it short: Being able to summarize your previous experience with only pertinent points is one step away from attracting the recruiter to read your CV carefully. Avoid CV’s with more that 2 pages (1 is ideal).
  • Tailor your resume: Each industry is different and the same job advertised can be unique to each company. Create a CV that fits with the job description, showing your relevant achievements for that particular job you are applying for.
  • Be logical: Make sure your CV is well organized. Don’t jump between dates and achievements. Rather, create clear sections (e.g., education, professional experience) that are chronologically dated. This will help the recruiter to read your CV correctly and avoid misunderstandings that can lead you to a rejection.
  • Put yourself in the employer’s shoes: How would you like to be seen? Don’t forget, your CV is our first impression about you as a professional.
  • Keep your resume always updated: Your resume is a living document, don’t forget to update it with the latest information you have.
  • Be professional: Make sure you have a professional e-mail address and you use professional fonts to write your CV. Unless you are a designer and you want represent your skills, try to keep it clean and relevant.
  • Error free: Mistakes are easy to make but it might cost you a wrong first impression. Make sure to review your CV several times to ensure that it is error-free before you send it across to the company.


  • Irrelevant information: Filling your CV with irrelevant experiences might take away focus from your key skills, risking being not perceived as a more experienced professional. Be concise and make sure we can easily read your experience
  • White space freakout: You don’t need too! If you have are a young professional we do not expect 2 page CV. White spaces are there waiting for new jobs and experiences!
  • Bigger CV, better fit: Just a few seconds are enough for a recruiter to evaluate your professional profile. 10 pages resume will not help us to keep our attention on the really relevant experience, don’t you think?
  • Laundry list: It might be a bit too much information if you are showing us all the subjects you had at the University and how much you scored in each one of them. This information is usually irrelevant for recruiters and one of the least read parts of resumes.
  • Don’t lie: Overselling your skills and competences will only get you into complicated paths. Recruiters are used to CV’s that are clearly “too much” and they are not well accepted. Avoid misunderstandings and keep it honest with your achievements.

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