Infographic: Mobile Video Ad Terminology Explained

We live in times of change, where traditional forms of content-viewing are being challenged and redefined. TV as the traditional channel for entertainment is being replaced more and more by video, which is primarily viewed on mobile devices. This growth is especially driven by younger audiences with teenagers still making up the largest group of consumers of video content.

In the Ericsson mobility report 2016 it is stated that the consumption of videos on smartphones by teenagers climbed by 127% in 15 months during 2014 and 2015. According to the Ericsson mobility report 2017 mobile video traffic is expected to grow by up to 50 percent per year through 2022. Mobile video ad-spend is projected to exceed $6 billion by the end of 2017. In addition, it has been found that millennials are twice as likely to be focused on a video they watch on their smartphone or tablet as they are on more traditional viewing formats, such as video content consumed on a TV. All these trends indicate that the time is right to fortify your mobile video advertising efforts and invest more heavily in this format.

But, before you begin your advertising efforts, ask whether you understand the format inside out? Take a look at our latest infographic that explains the most common terms associated with mobile video advertising:

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