Join the Applift Team: An Insight to the First Days

If you have been following this series, you are now fully equipped with the knowledge and tips on how to make it through our recruitment process. But what comes after? If you made it through, the exciting part has just begun! You have now entered Applift’s onboarding phase.

It all begins once you have officially accepted our offer. Our HR team will inform you of everything you need for your first days here. On day one, together with the other new Applifters, you’re given a briefing from the HR team on general office practicalities. After this, you will be given an office handshake tour where you get to meet everyone from Accounting to Engineering to Bobby and Peppy (our office dogs in Berlin). The tour will end at your very own…desk! Oh, and did we mention the awesome Applift Swag that greets you at your welcoming desk! Also, we have an open office space, so, love thy neighbor.

Then your first week begins! The first week will entail deep dives with each one of your team members to gain an insight to what they do and how you work together. You and the other new joinees will also get deep dive sessions with all the department managers to help you understand each aspect of the business. This is important so that by the end of these sessions, you will be able to understand how Applift works as well as how you form an integral part of the chain. We like to take a global approach to onboarding, so depending on which office you join, you may be flown to our headquarters in Berlin for your first weeks. During your onboarding, you will also be introduced to TalentLift – our talent management program. Part of this is setting your personal goals to achieve for the quarter.

During your onboarding (and throughout your time at Applift), expect loads of coffee or lunch dates, we all want to get to know you! While each office location has their signature way of welcoming a new hire, new Applifters can expect to have a Veteran Buddy, who knows all the ins and outs as well as do’s and don’ts and will be your guide as you settle in. Some offices also have a New Hire Questionnaire that is a great way for your team to know you beyond just your professional qualifications.

Once you have settled in and you’ve become familiar with every aspect of the company and your role, your manager will follow up with you on your performance, reassess your new goals and identify any risks or obstacles which need to be resolved. Together with your team each of your major milestones will be celebrated!

Here what some of our new team members had to say about their Onboarding experience:

Urvashi Rupareliya, Team Lead Studio RTB/Playables, Berlin

“I was back from my India trip and the very next day was my first day at Applift. The HR welcomed me with warm coffee, after which I was introduced to everyone in the company. It was a nice gesture to be welcomed with balloons and chocolates at my desk, an Applift T-shirt (that I proudly flaunt) and other goodies! I had my two-week on-board training, where the Applift Studio team and Management Team guided me regarding the company culture, the overall goal and industry insights. Also, the Deep Dive sessions were really helpful to have a 360 view of the company. AppLift is super international, and always encourages outside-the-box thinking.

Daniel Feuchter, Trainee in Finance, Berlin

“What a warm welcome I received during my first week at Applift! It started with a brief introduction to the office and all the co-workers by the HR team, and then a lunch with the team. In my initial days, the people on my floor helped me settle in, checking in from time to time on how I was doing and offering their support. By the end of the week I was lucky that there was a team event on a boat all around Berlin, and I just said, what a good welcome at Applift! ”

Rati Mehra, Associate Business Development Manager, Bangalore

I joined at a time when the company was preparing for an offsite event and I was lucky to be able to join them at Mallorca and meet everyone soon after. It also really helps that Applift has a great onboarding culture, which sometimes also involve visiting the HQ in Berlin to meet and work with the team. Applift has helped me polish my skills and become better each day at what I do! Here I am given the freedom to explore and apply new ways. I am happy to have worn several hats already and handle many projects/roles together. To work with people coming from diverse backgrounds and cultures is exciting, engaging, motivating and insane. Happy to be here.

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