Life at Applift: Applifters After Hours

If you are following Applift on Instagram, by now you probably know better about us — you will find us in action at events, working on innovations and building great product through the week, enjoying the monthly curated international breakfasts, and letting our hair down once in a while! But what you might not know is the hidden talent and passions we have amongst us!

The importance of having hobbies and passions beyond a regular work schedule is a key ingredient to de-stress and find oneself. We spoke to some Applifters to find out what fuels their fire, and we were pleasantly surprised!

Let’s find out what AppLifters are up to after office hours, and also tips on how you can cultivate your passions and find a better balance:

Get Started to Find Time for Your Hobbies!

  • Make Small Changes: Start with making small changes to routine. Commit to yourself and avoid over-checking work emails and messages during this period. Use this time instead to find a new routine for yourself slowly. Pick up a book, find a trial class near you, think of the things that make you happy or that you haven’t done in a while. You don’t have to necessarily make a strict time-table around this, but having a “me time” at the end of the busy day can help your mood. Give yourself enough time to find the routine that works for you and try and build your hobbies in the new schedule.
  • Short is Good: Enjoy running but don’t have time to do an hour-long session each day? Don’t give it up entirely. Instead, find short sprints (no pun intended!) that work better for your schedule, be it between lunch breaks or after work. A 20-min run can be a good way to rejuvenate as well! Find a class near work to cut down travel time, discover shorter versions of your hobbies so that you are still in touch with the things that make you happy!
  • Make Use of Weekends: If you are in a 5-day work routine, weekends are your best time to invest and cultivate your hobbies. Some passions require more time than just an hour during the week and this is where weekends can come in handy! Discover your old hobbies or experiment with new ones. Weekend hobbies can also help you to reset your mind and channel productivity at work as you start the week feeling refreshed.