Life at AppLift with Aiste Povilaikaite

On the AppLift blog, we’re hard at work sharing the latest and freshest tips, trends, and analyses in the mobile advertising industry. Since we started this blog three years ago, we’ve made it our mission to inform, educate, and improve the standards of our industry while avoiding self-promotion as much as possible (well, we do have to talk about ourselves sometimes, this is a corporate blog after all ;).

Today, we are starting a new series in order to introduce the people working in our company: Life at AppLift! The goal is to give a glimpse into who makes our company so vibrant, but also to look at how each individual person within our organization, through their work, can positively impact our industry.

We’re starting off this series with Aiste, Marketing Manager.

My name is Aiste, I come from Lithuania and I’ve been living in Berlin for the past 5 years. I’m currently heading up DataLift Academy, AppLift’s project to educate the industry on programmatic advertising.

1. How do you impact the mobile advertising industry through your job?

I’m responsible for an educational program whereby our clients can learn about the ins and out of mobile programmatic advertising, and how it can benefit their mobile businesses. I am kind of a programmatic evangelist I could say:)

2. How long have you been working here? What has your career path been at AppLift?

I have been at AppLift for 1.5 years now. I started as a trainee and had the chance to learn and grow my career to another level. It is hard to believe how many things actually happened during this time! I was part of big projects, did rebranding, organized big events and tradeshows. I’ve constantly been challenged with exciting and diverse tasks.

3. How would you describe AppLift’s culture in one word?


4. What is your best memory at AppLift so far ?

I have many memories about the projects that I had the chance to work on. The best emotions are related to the feedback and recap sessions after all these projects where I got emotionally rewarded and I really felt that my work made people (e.g. our clients) happy.

My all-time best memory, I would say, are the people and I guess lifetime friends that I made here. I think that there can not be anything more important than the actual friendships which only happened because of AppLift.

5. What made you want to join AppLift and what do you love most about it?

I always wanted to work for an innovative company where people can really make a difference and where things happen fast. I love the diversity, the team and the flexibility at work. There are so many opportunities for growth and development. I can really shape my career and go and explore the work directions that I have always wanted to. If you show the initiative and prove your motivation, you are free to build your own future here. And that is what I love about AppLift so much.

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