Media & Entertainment Apps: A World of Engagement [Infographic]

Understanding patterns of user behavior and engagement is a key success factor for app publishers today, both in their in-app marketing activities and their advertising campaigns. Together with data from our friends at Localytics, we put together our latest infographic: “Media & Entertainment Apps: A World of Engagement”. Our goal was to shed light on the various factors impacting in-app engagement across the news, entertainment, social media, and music categories and devise typical behavior patterns for each of them. We also disclosed average CPI levels for those categories.

First off, good news! The data shows that apps continue to drive increased engagement across those categories since 2014. Music apps, in particular, show an impressive 79% year-on-year rise in time spent in-app. We can then make out 4 typical use cases for each sub-category:

  • NEWS: Morning Commuters. News apps see their usage peak between 5am and 10am, with an average session length of 6 minutes.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Snacking Behavior. Unsurprisingly, social media apps show the highest number of monthly launches, while they also have the lowest average session length.
  • MUSIC: Background Use. Music apps have the highest average session length across all categories and peak around 5pm.
  • ENTERTAINMENT: Evening Commuters. Entertainment apps are launched relatively less often (10 launches/month) but see good engagement levels, with an average session length of 8 minutes, peaking between 5pm and 10pm.

Find the full infographic below, take a look at the comprehensive data, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Click here to access the full-size infographic.