The Mobile Games Market to Reach $40.9 Billion by 2017

Last August we partnered with games market research firm Newzoo to investigate the growth of the global mobile games market as well as the appeal of various global regions for mobile games publishers. We published the findings in a comprehensive infographic, The Global Mobile Games Landscape RELOADED, showing the total growth of smartphone and tablet revenue, a world map of monetization potential, as well as a summary appeal matrix.

mobile games market new figures

According to new figures published by Newzoo last week, it now turns out that the global mobile games revenue should grow even faster than originally expected: the latter will reach $35 billion in 2014, $30.8bn in 2015 and $40.9bn in 2017. These updated figures come in the wake of solid growth figures in both mature and developed markets, as well as across smartphones and tablets.

This strong growth is both organic, benefiting the whole games market, and “cannibalistic”, coming at the expense of other segments, especially online PC games and MMOs. Mobile is now on the way of becoming the major game segment in 2015.

You can access the high-res infographic here.

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