Honey, I Lost My App’s Users: Solving the Re-engagement Puzzle

Spring is almost knocking at our doorstep, and with it comes the ritual of spring cleaning — a practice of thoroughly cleaning the house in time for spring. And that applies for apps too! The holiday rush, which drives more app downloads than any other time, is surely over. How can app marketers survive the holiday burnout and save the apps from being discarded? Shifting the focus to user retention and engagement is the key for success.

Paid user acquisition is the key to successfully launch an app and grow the user base, but the app lifecycle doesn’t end there: Launch, Grow and Retain are the three key phases in the app’s lifecycle and defines the long-term success of an app. For marketers to be successful, the app marketing strategy needs to extend beyond launch and grow.

Learn all about why user re-engagement on mobile matters and the various ways by which mobile marketers can bring users back to the app, with our latest infographic. (Click on the infographic to view it in detail.)