Confessions of a MWCer: Part Two

We’re off to Barcelona at the end of the month to check out some of the coolest innovations taking place in the mobile world. And we are sure you are also looking forward to attending the world’s biggest conference on mobile at this year’s edition of the Mobile World Congress (MWC), which will take place between February 27 – March 2. For those in the mobile industry, it’s a yearly pilgrimage that only gets bigger with each passing year!

Whether you are a first-timer hoping to sign that much-awaited client, an entrepreneur looking forward to your very first demo of a kick-ass product, or an MWC veteran who has seen the conference grow year over year, there’s never a dull moment as a MWC attendee, and one that comes with a lot of expectations!

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Welcome to the second part of our four-part series where we will introduce you with AppLifters who have attended MWC over the various years and will share their first-hand experiences so you get an insider look at what to expect at the conference, apart from some shiny new smartphones of course! If you are heading to MWC this year hoping to sign that much awaited client, our Strategic BD Lead Isaiah Jones has tips for you in this part two! Listen up!

When did you first attend MWC and for how many years have you been attending it?

My first MWC was last year, so 2017 will be my 2nd time attending!

Any faux pas you made during your first time at MWC?

Not that I recall personally, although I remember our booth last year being in a hall with a bunch of mobile accessories and hardware companies… which basically meant that we were out of the loop since we weren’t in the main hall where all of the other relevant companies were.

What do you like the most about MWC?

I really enjoy that it brings everyone from our industry together in one place — it’s great to see and catch up with friends, former colleagues, people you’ve worked with over the years. It’s really great for networking, re-connecting and also for DOING BUSINESS!

What’s your least favorite thing about MWC?

The crowds at the end of the day — it’s pretty difficult to get back into the city via public transport or taxi.

Your favorite memory as a MWC attendee

It’s a toss up between the AppsFlyer and Adjust party — They were both soooo good!!! Looking forward to what they’ve got up their sleeves again this year 🙂

Share with us one experience of MWC that you cannot forget

I remember first walking into the conference hall and feeling so intimidated but yet energized by how big MWC really is! It’s very exciting!

If you could change one thing about MWC, what would it be?

I wish the venue was inside the city of Barcelona.

Your favorite post-MWC thing to do

Follow up with all of the new connections that I’ve made!

Tell us one insider secret from MWC

I think that finding a buddy with someone who does BD/Partnerships at one of the MMPs like Tune, Adjust or Appsflyer really helps, because they’re so connected and have close great relationships with their partners – especially when it comes to meeting people and getting into certain events/parties.

Your tip for a first-timer at MWC

It can be intimidating at first, but relax, be yourself, connect with as many people as possible and have fun! Don’t drink too much too soon!! You’ll be hungover the entire time which really sucks. I always try to switch to drinking just club soda with a lime after a few drinks in the night – everyone except the bartender will think you’re drinking a vodka & soda 🙂

Read part one here. Stay tuned for the next part in the series as we countdown to MWC! Share your tips and insider secrets with us in the Comments section!