Teaching and Sharing to Learn More – AppLift Knowledge Exchange Sessions

At AppLift, we put huge emphasis on providing our team with all the tools they need to grow and learn as much as possible. We believe in growth, creativity and collaboration. We want to help them build the engine of their own growth.

KESs (Knowledge Exchange Sessions) are sessions during which an AppLifter who possesses specific knowledge shares it with a group of colleagues who are interested in knowing more about the topic. Anyone who wants to share his/her knowledge can present KESs. On the other hand, anyone interested in that specific topic can join these sessions. They are always recorded, so that people who can’t join, are in another office, or simply join the company later on can also benefit from the knowledge. We already have a solid library of KES videos on various topics.

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We decided to launch these exchange sessions here at AppLift in order to share and strengthen internal expertise. In addition, it also helps keep the team up to date about advancements and the latest news within the company (e.g. new products, new features, new projects etc) and the industry. It is the opportunity for some of us to discover a specific field, and for others to reveal their teaching skills. And for everyone, it is lots of fun!

It takes place once or twice per month and per office.

The best part is that the topics are chosen following the recommendations of the AppLifters themselves! They are also picked based on internal surveys, as it is important for us to give our team members all the resources they need to grow in the best conditions.

Among our previous sessions, Jenny (HR team in Seoul, South Korea) taught us the art of calligraphy. It was so successful that she animated a second session in the Berlin office. Additionally, Stefan (our COO) told us about problem solving, Julia (Programmatic Media Manager) animated a technical session about programmatic, Chiara (Team Lead Account Manager) shared her knowledge on Bulk API, and Rishi (Managing Director, DataLift Enterprise) took the mic for an Open RTB Overview and Evolution session.

With these sessions we want our people to create, learn and grow within our company.

If you are interested in growing in such a rewarding work environment with talented and fun people, you are in luck because we are hiring 🙂

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