Travel Goes Mobile: Infographic

The travel industry is undergoing a transformation as users continue to adopt mobile over desktop for their travel needs. According to a recent research cited by CMO, 52% of travel related browsing is done on mobile. As global smartphone and tablet adoption increases, there has been a significant growth in the share of travel app revenues, as advertisers recognize the user opportunity. To explore the key trends in the mobile travel industry, we recently partnered with the app store analytics company Priori Data to present a comprehensive overview of the recent trends. Our infographic “Travel Goes Mobile” comes as an extension of similar findings we released in 2015. With the new infographic we share further insights that are shaping the travel apps, as well as overview of the CPI and conversion rates for travel apps across the globe.

Within the infographic, our readers will find insights from the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store, including:

  • The share of travel app revenues
  • CPI and conversion rates
  • Most popular travel app categories (by app store ranking)

Check out the infographic below and click on the image for a full view: