5 links you shouldn’t miss this week

Week 7! We’ve resisted talking about Flappy Bird until this week, but it’s now time to yield to the hype 🙂

  1. Chinese mobile gaming in the year of the horse (TheNextWeb)A top executive from one of China’s main mobile game publishers offers his insights on the status quo and future of Chinese mobile gaming. 
  2. The magic that’s missing from Alibaba’s mobile gaming strategy (FierceDeveloper)Alibaba’s recent move into mobile gaming might have a secret agenda. Shane Schick offers his opinion.
  3. Mobile economy to top $3 trillion more quickly than expected (Mobile Marketer)A new report by Yankee Group entitled “Mobile Metrics That Matter: Growing the New Mobile Economy” predicts that the overall mobile economy should reach $3.1 trillion by 2017. That’s $200 million more than was forecasted by Yankee Group in October 2012. 
  4. How in-app review mechanics pushed Flappy Bird to the top of the charts (VentureBeat)A review of how Flappy Bird benefited from app store reviews to spread its wings. The article stresses the oft-underrated importance of app store marketing in the virality component of the user lifecycle.
  5. The secrets to monetizing Western mobile games in Japan (GamesBeat)The Japanese mobile game market has so far been mostly dominated by local publishers. This piece explains why this does not necessarily need to remain the case and how Western developers and publishers can make it big in Japan…