Alibaba Invests $120 Million into Kabam and More of the Latest News

What has been happening in the last two weeks in mobile? Once again, we’re bringing you the latest in mobile news, both from AppLift and the global mobile industry. Our latest eBook, 7 Steps to Cracking Native Advertising on Mobile, is now out. Additionally, a reminder: if you’re going to Affiliate Summit East in New York, come and meet us there!

Alibaba Invested $120 Million into Kabam (Inside Mobile Apps)


Alibaba has joined forces with Kabam to bring their games titles to China, and has given them $120 million in investment. This is testament to how big the Asian mobile games market is right now, particularly China. As Kabam CEO Kevin Chou puts it, “Truly successful games companies have to be globally successful.” In other related news, we published our Asian Beat #3 about the Japanese mobile games market and Asian Beat #4 will share insights on China. Stay tuned!

AppLift Talked About User Acquisition (VentureBeat)


Our director of business development for North America, Andrew Birnbryer, discussed user acquisition on a panel at Casual Connect in San Francisco. He, James Peng from Storm8 and Matt Bruch from Liquid Wireless shared their best practices and current pain points concerning acquiring, engaging and retaining users.

Kim Kardashian Game Hit $70,000 Revenue a Day (Tech Times)


The free-to-play app from Glu Mobile is really raking it in, and is predicted to make over $200 million in its first year on the market. What’s behind the success? Profitable and ROI-optimized user acquisition campaigns, Kim’s celebrity status, or the simplicity of hanging out with celebrities wearing nice clothes? Either way, we’re happy that a major client surpassed their revenue goals!

PubNative Defined Mobile Native Advertising (PubNative)


The latest blog post from PubNative is a clear definition of mobile native advertising, complete with a detailed description of what native advertising means on mobile and examples of its integration into a gaming app. Mobile native advertising is so much more than social media in-stream ads and sponsored content.

AppLift Launched ‘Mobile Industry Exposed’ Series (AppLift)


We’ve launched an interview series to share insights from the top experts in the mobile industry. Kicking things off was Peter Warman of Newzoo, the Amsterdam-based games market research company who powered our latest infographic, the Global Mobile Games Landscape Reloaded.

Top AppLift Content


You can now download our most recent eBook, 7 Steps to Cracking Native Advertising on Mobile. For mobile publishers wishing to monetize their app, this is an essential read. Within our seven best practices for native ads, we talk about the main metrics, traps to avoid and how to achieve a seamless native user experience with in-app advertising, fitting the ads to the form and context of their publishing estate.

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