Announcing Event-Based Audience Segmentation on DataLift 360

We are excited to announce the addition of Audience Segmentation via a rule-building UI to our mobile app advertising platform, DataLift 360, which allows advertisers to define rules and segment users based on multiple in-app events. The goal is to create more efficient retargeting campaigns and maximize ROAS directly from within our platform

The Audience Segmentation tool allows advertisers to take immediate control of audiences by retargeting users in a sophisticated way. Advertisers are empowered to directly stream in-app events via the API, funneling them based on timing and frequency. The rules can be built using boolean logic to precisely target the desired audiences at a much more granular level.

“At AppLift, we firmly believe that harnessing the power of data will drive ultimate success,” said Tim Koschella, Founder and CEO of AppLift. “There are few options for advertisers to access audience segmentation tools directly from their retargeting partner’s UI and combine it with granular and transparent reporting. DataLift 360 makes reshaping their retargeting strategies an accessible and intuitive process. We’re pleased to be offering customers this addition to our mobile advertising platform.”

During audience segmentation, the advertiser has full control over rule creation. This new feature is part of a suite of solutions from DataLift 360’s Dynamic Retargeting offering. Further offerings include access to all creative formats, including Dynamic Creative, Playables and Rewarded Video. AppLift’s DataLift 360 reporting solution offers additional transparency and granularity to better interpret results and gather learnings during retargeting campaigns, and even after they run. Advertisers have the flexibility to adjust retargeting campaigns and user segmentation based on the sophisticated reporting to help achieve better precision, efficiency and ultimately, maximize value and revenue.

Learn more about this feature here. Check out the Product News on our blog to discover the latest features and additions to DataLift 360.