Announcing the FirstScreen Conference

Today we are excited to announce FirstScreen, the first conference dedicated to mobile performance advertising and ad technology. FirstScreen will take place on June 15th in the vibrant digital capital of Europe, Berlin. We are teaming up with the amazing team from Online Marketing Rockstars to host this show at the historic location of Kino International.

We named the conference “FirstScreen“ for a good reason – the world is becoming mobile at a stellar pace. The mobile screen has effectively become the first screen for consumption of any content in all major developed and developing economies. There are currently more mobile phones in use than toothbrushes. In just a few years, the app economy has developed into a multi-billion dollar business and there is currently no slowing down in growth. In the US, more than 70% of digital content is consumed on mobiles and tablet, the vast majority of that in-app.

Mobile is changing the way content is created, distributed and consumed. The mobile marketing and advertising industry is constantly innovating – more measurement, new channels and increasing relevancy of ads for the mobile screen are just some of the trends we are seeing. Access to data and smart optimization is becoming the new battleground where the war for relevancy and performance is fought.

So, why another mobile conference? Because FirstScreen is not your ordinary conference. It will be a unique forum for marketers, technology professionals and the leading minds of the industry to meet, find inspiration and take a look at the future of the industry together. We will explore how technology can be used to increase performance towards the goal of making mobile advertising more accountable, more accurate, and more transparent. We can already announce a few of the speakers from the conference: Jake Ward, CEO and co-founder of Apps Developer Alliance, Christian Henschel, CEO and co-founder of adjust, as well as Saira Nayak, Chief Privacy Officer at TUNE.

Some of the topics will include:

  • The key technology trends making performance happen
  • Mobile: looking beyond the smartphone
  • The role of influencers and new channels
  • The role of art vs. science in mobile performance
  • RTB vs. API: where is programmatic headed?

However, FirstScreen will be about much more than exciting content. Berlin is not only the European capital of innovation, creativity and technology: it’s also the World’s party capital and we want FirstScreen to be a stylish celebration of everything mobile has to offer.

With Philipp Westermeyer and the whole Online Marketing Rockstars Team, we have found the perfect partners. We share the entrepreneurial DNA, we love digital marketing and we like to celebrate until dawn. I look forward to welcoming you to Berlin and seeing you at FirstScreen 2016!

Stefan Benndorf
Managing Director