Asian Mobile Games Markets: Top Insights from the Asian Beats Series

Asia Pacific is the world’s largest market for mobile games, presenting a big, though challenging, opportunity for games publishers worldwide. The specifics of the Asian mobile games market conditions and the trends in each of its countries and regions, South Korea, Japan, China and South East Asia, represent so much variation that it’s important for publishers to get to know each one before attempting to enter the Asian market. Over the first five instalments of AppLift’s Asian Beat series have uncovered a wealth of insider knowledge into the mobile games market in Asia as well as tips and best practices, so let’s recap and summarize the information and insights.

What have we revealed so far about the Asian mobile gaming markets?

Back in June, in our very first Asian Beat episode, we uncovered the dominant publishing players in South Korea, messaging app Kakao Talk, Nexon, NHN, CJ E&M and WeMade, as well as the shifting gaming trends at play in this region; namely the most popular genres of mobile games. We followed this up with our 5 ‘winning moves’ for mobile games advertisers in South Korea. Our best practices include localization, a healthy marketing mix, a user behavior focus and social media buzz. japanese-mobile-games-marketNext we traveled east to Japan’s mobile gaming market, looking at the shape of the Japanese smartphone games market with statistics before providing some best practices to unlock the enormous potential therein. It was a $5.4 billion market in 2013, after all. How can game publishers appeal to and engage Japanese gamers? Graphics, live in-game events and including RPG elements.china-mobile-games-market While Japan is the world’s biggest market for mobile gaming, China is set to make big moves this year and is predicted to grow to overtake the US in terms of mobile games revenue by 2015 and sit in second place. We covered the Chinese mobile games market, presenting some of Newzoo’s unique data and insights, such as their Top 10 Android Stores and Top 20 Android Games charts for China. vietnamese mobile games market The fifth and most recent Asian Beat instalment was a guest post by Anh Hoang Duc on Vietnam, an analyst at Dynamo Partners. He presents the Vietnamese mobile market (aka Flappy Bird Land) in facts and figures, such as smartphone penetration, the effectiveness of mobile ads and how 48 percent of monthly app downloads are games. We have plenty more insights, trends and best practices to share in upcoming Asian Beat instalments. Sign up to our newsletter to never miss a beat!