eBook: Combating Mobile Advertising Fraud

We are thrilled to release our new eBook on mobile advertising fraud — Combating Mobile Advertising Fraud: The Next Battleground

Ad fraud is ubiquitous and continues to attract attention and discussions within the industry, with mixed estimates on the depth of financial losses due to ad fraud. One study puts the amount of global digital ad spend wasted on fraudulent traffic as high as $16.4 billion in 2017, twice the previous projections (Business Insider). More recent research projects $6.5 billion in financial losses due to ad fraud, down 10% from the estimated $7.2 billion in 2016 (White Ops).

Despite the numbers, one thing is certain: the scale and sophistication of ad fraud has grown since mobile advertising picked up in 2012. Ad fraud is pervasive at various levels, with fraudsters finding new ways to trick he system.

As an active player in the ad tech space, we have been focusing our efforts in detecting and preventing ad fraud. Our first comprehensive study on the extent of mobile programmatic fraud in the industry was published in 2015.

As an extension to that, with this latest study, we make an attempt to:

  • Explain the challenges of different fraud patterns
  • Illustrate key heuristics for fraud detection and prevention
  • Provide concrete guidance for designing and executing fraud fighting measures

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