Opportunities and Trends in a New Mobile Gaming Landscape: Infographic

In 2015, we partnered with our friends at Newzoo to present our readers with a comprehensive mobile app gaming landscape. In between then and now a lot has changed: new markets are gaining foothold and trends such as augmented reality are gaining steam. It is projected that the revenues from mobile gaming will reach $46.1 billion this year, or 82% of the total app market.

What do the trends mean for the mobile game developers? How does it affect the distribution of their games, localization, roll outs and UA spends? To help mobile game developers answer those questions, we decided to provide an update on the mobile gaming landscape infographic to focus on the trends and opportunities in the key global regions.

The latest infographic puts the spotlight on metrics such as revenue levels, acquisition cost, and growth opportunities across the globe.

Check out the infographic below and click on the image for a detailed enlarged view: