Infographic: Best Performing Creatives

Modern-day advertising is performance-oriented. Right from the kind of data applied and analyzed, down to the creatives used, each element can significantly impact the performance and the ROI of an advertiser’s campaign. Our latest infographic is an attempt to investigate on which kind of placements mobile video creatives perform best across regions. Here we have categorized placements based on the app categories available in the Google Play Store.

Some of the key findings include:

  • Placements that belong to the app store categories Adventure, Simulation and RPG have the highest CTRs in Korea. This suggests that User Acquisition campaigns targeting these placements will have a relatively high chance of being successful.
  • While impressions convert well to clicks in the US at 13.7% as compared to Korea, , clicks have a much better conversion to installs in Korea in the casual category at 1.7%. This indicates that Korean users are more willing to install another app while playing casual games compared to users from the US.
  • When looking at CTRs, the analysis shows that Adventure, Simulation and Role-Playing apps have the highest rates across all regions observed in this report. There is definitely potential here to also be among the best-converting categories as opposed to Casual.
  • However, rates can differ between countries as we have seen with the Korea and US comparison. Here Conversion Rates for RPG games are 3 times higher in Korea compared to the US. An explanation for these differences can be found by looking into systematic differences between target audiences in the two countries. Specifically how they differ regarding their engagement with gaming apps.

Check out the infographic to get an overview of how creatives perform in different ecosystems.

You can also click on the image to view the infographic in detail or click here for a downloadable version.

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