Introducing the AppLift Tech Blog

Today we’re thrilled to introduce a new member in the AppLift Content family: the AppLift Tech Blog.

While, on this blog, we strive to offer our readers handy tips, compelling analyses, and actionable insights on mobile adverting, our tech blog is meant to have a slightly different focus: engineering.

Technology is a top priority at AppLift and we pride ourselves in the fact that half of our employees are engineers. Our company has a thriving, unique tech culture, and we thought that it would be a shame not to let the whole developer and engineering community benefit from some of the major findings and ideas that our team came up with.

This blog is aimed at developers and engineers who are interested in learning how we solve problems at AppLift. We’ll talk backend with Scala, Spark, Go, Parquet and Presto and many more, but also front-end and UI with e.g. AngularJS and RoR. We’ll explain why and how we come up with these solutions, why a certain tool is more suitable than another, and how we tackle our limitations.

Now, if you’re reading the AppLift blog, you are more likely to be a mobile marketing/UA specialist than a backend engineer. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to let your developers/tech team know, they will be grateful for it 😉

Check AppLift’s tech blog now!