Life at AppLift with Angela Lee Dominguez

My name is Angela Lee Dominguez and I am Media Partner Account Manager at AppLift. I am from East Bay (California) and I work in AppLift’s office in San Francisco.

1. How long have you been working here? What has your career path been at AppLift?

I joined AppLift just a little over one year ago, in February 2015, as a Media Partner Account Manager.

On a daily basis I facilitate communication between our advertisers’ demands an my media partners’ supply. Working alongside our yield team, advertiser managers, and my fellow media partner managers, I optimize existing offers, push new daily offers and hold ongoing dialogue with many of my partners. These partners include media buyers, ad networks and, on occasion, incent networks. My day-to-day consists of staying on top of the new active offers and offer updates that the advertiser managers post. I get to share the new offers with the partners who have the inventory to fill these offers. Ongoing offers are carefully monitored by our yield team who notifies me if any offers are doing particularly well and I should scale my partners or if pausing is required. Daily communication via skype and email with my media partner fill my day.

2. How do you impact the mobile advertising industry through your job?

My position allows me to impact the mobile advertising industry by matching mobile ad suppliers with top industry offers. I help my suppliers maximize their inventory with our global range of gaming and non-gaming apps.

3. Can you describe your team? What makes your team unique?

The US media partner team consists of myself and my colleague Matt. What makes us unique is that we both handle a variety of media partners, including media buyers, ad networks and direct sources. This helps us not only specialize in our media partners’ needs, but also understand our various inventory partners and how to accommodate their demands.

4. What kind of people thrive in your team?

Team oriented, flexible, independent and dedicated people thrive on our team.

The US office is a family of quirky individuals, all sharing the common goal to achieve our professional and personal successes. Of course you must have a sense of humor and not take yourself too seriously, daily shenanigans are a usual – random music will come on the office speakers and people start singing and sometimes dancing! From goofing and joking one minute to being serious laser-focused the next, that’s what it takes to survive the US team. Being good at ping-pong and video games also helps.

5. What is your best memory in AppLift so far ?

The Disneyland US Team Trip 2015. A great time to close out a great year 🙂

The most memorable moment, aside from all the eating and drinking, was getting chased down by two Stormtroopers at Space Mountain. Best Disneyland Trip EVER!

6. What did you find at AppLift that you didn’t have in any previous job?

The open compassion, trust and understanding that each of us have lives outside of the workplace. Being able to have a healthy work-life balance, and being able to thrive is phenomenal. I love my AppLift family! The fact that we are a dog friendly office is amazing! It is always a joy when our team brings their pups to the office. There’s never a dull moment!

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