Life at AppLift with Matthew Chuck

I am Matthew Chuck and I work in AppLift San Francisco’s office as a Media Partner Senior Account Manager.

1. How long have you been working here? What has your career path been at AppLift?

I’ve been working at AppLift for a little over two years but I have been roaming the mobile industry since 2010. I have been managing media partner accounts since my first day at AppLift. Today, my day-to-day consists in managing and optimizing our traffic sources and ensuring our budgets are spent the right way.

2. How do you impact the mobile advertising industry through your job?

My job impacts the industry everyday by helping our advertisers find high quality users who will monetize in their apps. I also help sustain and build relationships with our publishers so that we can continue to bring in solid users for our advertisers.

3. Can you describe your team? What makes your team unique?

The MPAM as a whole is unique as we all come from different parts of the world. Since our team is made up of such an eclectic group, it helps drives business everywhere. There is always solid communication, even with all the time zone differences.

4. What kind of people thrive in your team?

The people who thrive on our team are the ones that look out for each other. As important as it is to grow our accounts, the ultimate goal is to make the advertiser side happy so they continue to trust us for their advertising efforts.

5. What is your best memory in AppLift so far ?

My best memory of AppLift so far is my first trip to Berlin. I was able to learn a lot about the company, its culture and I got to explore Berlin a bit as well. I felt very welcomed even though I only stayed a short period of time there.

6. What did you find at AppLift that you didn’t have in any previous job?

The best thing here, besides the culture, is the fact that the company is very well structured. I know exactly who to reach out to whenever I need help. I also find it easier to work with others around me, there aren’t any cubes or offices. I also have more of a voice here and my colleagues listen to my ideas. There’s a lot of room for growth here.

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