First Screen Focus: Interview with IAB Tech Lab’s Melissa Gallo

AppLift’s inaugural conference, FirstScreen, is just a few a weeks away. As we countdown to June 15, we bring to you a series of interviews with our speakers. Read on to learn more about their perspective on all things mobile! Up this week is IAB Tech Lab’s Melissa Gallo.

Thank you so much for taking part in the first edition of the FirstScreen Conference. To start off, a general question: what does the concept of mobile mean to you?

Mobile, by definition, means capable of moving. In the advertising sense, mobile means any device where one can use technology, access the web, view video content, etc., while not being stationary.

How is the IAB Tech Lab’s role in helping shape mobile advertising today?

The IAB Tech Lab has three core pillars; Specifications & Protocols, Tools, and Certification. For mobile, we’re currently directing our efforts on the first two pillars. In the area of Specifications and Protocols, we’re focusing on updating MRAID, the key protocol for in-app advertising. MRAID is being revamped to include viewability, create better user experience with detect and ad ready guidance, plus a full integration of VPAID. Additionally, we’re updating the creative guidelines and bringing mobile into the mainstream. For tools, we have the HTML5 Validator and the MRAID Ads SDK Tester for both iOS and Android.

Which technological advancements in digital advertising are you most excited about this year?

Virtual reality is very exciting to me. I think it’s quite nascent right now in terms of how to advertising will be incorporated and standardized, but there’s a real opportunity for brands to effectively reach consumers through this medium.

What are you most looking forward to at #firstscreen16?

I’m looking forward to listening to the great mobile advertising minds from all over the world. Most conferences held in the USA focus on domestic issues. It will be a great change of pace to learn what is trending in mobile in Europe; especially given the fact that the IAB Tech Lab is a global industry consortium.

FirstScreen will take place on June 15th in the vibrant digital capital of Europe, Berlin. AppLift has teamed up with Online Marketing Rockstars to host this show at Kino International Berlin. For tickets and conference details, please click here.

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