Looking Back On 2017: An AppLift Blog Recap

Yet another eventful year is coming to an end. Before we get ready for the Holidays, recap the best of ad tech news on the AppLift Blog from 2017 with our interactive recap. This recap is in the form an interactive infographic and brings together some of our highlights from this year that were published on the AppLift blog, and redirects to various relevant links should you want to dig deeper on a specific topic.

To begin reading, start playing the infographic and move from one section to another by pressing the right arrow on your keyboard. For maximum enjoyment, set the infographic on “full screen mode.”

Thank you for joining us this year! And if you’d like to send over suggestions on a topic that you want us to cover on our blog, send it over to blog[at]!

Happy Holidays from the Team AppLift! See you in the New Year!