New Report and Study: Fighting Mobile Fraud In the Programmatic Era

We are thrilled to release our latest report: Fighting Mobile Fraud In the Programmatic Era.

Today, ad fraud is a major issue for all parts of the digital ecosystem. In mobile in particular, the issue is prevalent due to relatively young age of the industry compared with the experience and the versatility of fraudsters. They often move from one platform to the next, once the safeguards and defense systems are too advanced and their activity becomes no longer lucrative.

Being a demand-side platform, we chose to focus on the type of fraud afflicting advertisers, namely publisher fraud. Our goal was to raise awareness

mobile fraud programmatic

about the issue, and show that, however advanced fraudulent techniques can get, there are many ways to fight back.

The mobile advertising world shifting towards programmatic buying, we also decided to look into RTB fraud specifically, and conducted tests on our programmatic media buying platform DataLift. We monitored over 60 million impressions over the course of four weeks to assess which proportion of the traffic received was at risk of fraud, along with other granular insights. The tests were powered by our own internal fraud detection tool, as well as by leading fraud prevention tool Forensiq.

The report is composed of two parts:

  • Our quantitative study into mobile programmatic fraud, along with its findings.
  • A comprehensive educational guide on mobile fraud in all its modern forms, as well as an overview of all the ways to fight it.

Head here to read the report and learn everything you need to know on mobile fraud!