How to Ramp Up Your Mobile Marketing Campaign This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is upon us. And while love and romance is surely in the air, for mobile app advertisers, Valentine’s Day also presents a huge opportunity to ramp up their marketing campaigns and reach their most valuable users. According to a latest survey released by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics, consumers in the U.S are expected to spend an average of $143 on this day, an increase from last year’s $136. Additionally, the survey says the total spending is expected to reach $19.6 billion, up from $18.2 billion last year.

For mobile marketers this is a huge opportunity as almost half the searches for Valentine’s Day are done via mobile devices. And just like the last minute shopper’s running to make the day special for their loved ones, there’s still time for app marketers to reach the elusive consumer with well-crafted campaigns. Here are our 5 tips:

1. Optimise Your Mobile Search Campaigns

Give your mobile search campaigns a lift with special themes related to Valentine’s Day. Analyse the most used search terms that people use for gifting or experiences and optimise your mobile search campaigns for that. Leverage data to get a better understanding of the user behavior and get started.

2. Deliver Personalised Messages Through Audience Segmentation

According to a report, mobile will contribute to 79% of Valentine’s Day shopping. Leveraging this opportunity can boost your revenue. The report also shares some of the most common verticals that consumers shop for on their mobile devices: clothing, jewelry, flowers, event tickets are some of the more commonly shopped items.

A good way to reach the most relevant audience is through audience segmentation by in-app events. Retarget users with special messages that resonate with the occasion as well as their in-app behavior. For instance, if a user searched for a perfume, retarget them with clear CTAs and personalised messaging that is most likely to convert them into making a purchase.

3. Focus on the Right Ad Types

Be sure to apply your messaging to engaging ad experiences. Make sure your ads are timely and deliver the right messaging. Develop a unique strategy to reach the right audience with the right types of ads that are most likely to convert them. Make use of dynamic creative to show users relevant products based on their historic in-app behaviour. Run ad campaigns that offer special deals and discounts to the last minute users who are still scrambling for gifting ideas. For instance, in this example above, a leading fashion retailer app from India ran this in-app message with a special code for Valentine’s Day to attract users. Showcase your products that are most likely to resonate with the consumer. Keep your text short and inviting. Try using interactive ads such as video or playable that offer higher engagement and better conversion rates. Build a clever storyline that is likely to go well with the occasion and help go the last mile of the purchase funnel.

4. Use Email Marketing and Push Notifications

Sweeten the deal for the users who have left without making a purchase by giving them a little nudge. Develop personalised email and push notification campaigns that are tailored to the occasion and the product offerings. Make sure to use deep links to get the most out of the messaging and convert users into buyers. Email messages and push notifications can also be a great way to let users know of any special offers you might be running for Valentine’s day, such as discount codes, free delivery, limited availability etc.

5. Show Your Users Some Love

Even if your mobile app isn’t closely related to offerings specific to Valentine’s Day, there’s still a good chance for you to reach out to your users. Shake up your mobile messaging at this time to connect with the users and show them some love — personalised in-app messages and landing pages that show users that they are loved by you can go a long way in creating a brand recall. Even if your product offering isn’t reaching out to Valentine’s Day-specific shoppers only, it can be a good opportunity to offer special discounts and deals to the users nonetheless. Pokemon Go, for instance, is giving something extra to the users with a limited time event that allows them to capture rare pink Pokemon and earn extra bonuses until February 15.