Confessions of a MWCer: Part Three

We’re off to Barcelona at the end of the month to check out some of the coolest innovations taking place in the mobile world. And we are sure you are also looking forward to attending the world’s biggest conference on mobile at this year’s edition of the Mobile World Congress (MWC), which will take place between February 27 – March 2. For those in the mobile industry, it’s a yearly pilgrimage that only gets bigger with each passing year!

Whether you are a first-timer hoping to sign that much-awaited client, an entrepreneur looking forward to your very first demo of a kick-ass product, or an MWC veteran who has seen the conference grow year over year, there’s never a dull moment as a MWC attendee, and one that comes with a lot of expectations!

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Welcome to the third part of our four-part series where we will introduce you with AppLifters who have attended MWC over the various years and will share their first-hand experiences so you get an insider look at what to expect at the conference, apart from some shiny new smartphones of course! In this part, meet AppLift India MD Rishi Agarwal who gets candid about his adventures at MWC!

When did you first attend MWC and for how many years have you been attending it?

I have been attending MWC (Mobile Wild Congress, as I call it!!) since 2014. For me, MWC is akin to meeting your family over Christmas holidays!

Did you make any faux pas during your first time at MWC?

My first time at MWC was also the first time for my startup. We had just started building the product to be able to showcase during MWC, which also meant immovable timelines for the team — and the team delivered to their commitments. With no prior experience of such a show, I can’t forget that moment on the first morning at the booth, when the staff was fixing power connection to our booth (almost hanging on a ladder behind my back), while I was giving a LIVE demo to one of our client 🙂 The show was a super success for us over the next 3 days.

What do you like the most about MWC?

Meeting my professional family every year. I can’t imagine my calendar without at least 10 back-to-back meetings everyday for the first 3 days. Post event parties act as a tonic for me 😉

What’s your least favorite thing about MWC?

Answering a question “So what do you guys do” from someone who is running with a bag full of goodies and is only interested to pick another notebook or a pen or a candy from your booth. Just take it away, time is money please!

Your favorite memory as a MWC attendee

Every time I visit this show, I get a new favourite ;). Of course, the Mobile Apps Party that AppLift co-hosted in 2016 at Barcelona’s W Hotel is my most recent favorite memory!

Share with us one experience of MWC that you cannot forget

During my first MWC, I still remember giving a sales pitch and demo to the same client again without remembering anything about the previous one. Although we signed the contract later this incident still brings a smile to my face and is a topic of discussion when I meet that client!

If you could change one thing about MWC, what would it be?

The location perhaps as the commute from the city to the venue consumes you sometimes.

Your favorite post-MWC thing to do

Sleep on the flight on the way back home!

Tell us one insider secret from MWC

Always leave some room in your calendar for meeting the unexpected. Don’t miss any parties as this is the only time you get to know your clients personally, which matters a lot!

Your tip for a first-timer at MWC

MWC can make or break fortunes for young companies/startups, so plan it well! Travel light, even if you are taking an intercontinental flight and planning to extend your stay, as you would hardly get time to get ready for anything. Wear comfortable clothes that you can wear all through the day including the post event parties. Get some vitamins, common flu medicines along :). Fill yourself up with nice breakfast as you won’t perhaps get anything easy and warm to eat during the show. Don’t forget to register for the parties in advance and have the tickets ready to flash on your phone!!! And lastly, this one goes to my favorite city in the world — Visiting Barcelona is not about going to the touristic places but discovering the hidden corners not listed in the travel guides.

Stay tuned for the next part in the series as we countdown to MWC! And in case you missed the previous editions, read Part one and Part two.

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