Our 12 Best Reads For 12 Days of Christmas

As yet another year draws to a close, we take a look back at the best of 2016 on AppLift’s blog. Recap the year in ad tech with our 12 best reads for the 12 days of Christmas!

1. But, What Exactly is Programmatic?: “I am not sure what programmatic means, and at this point I’m too afraid to ask!” If that’s exactly what’s going on in your head, we’ve got you covered! Everything you wanted to know about programmatic (but were too afraid to ask) is in this comprehensive eBook. This eBook is free and you can get it done under 25 minutes! We know you want that sanity time 😉 Also check out our two webinars where we covered the fundamentals as well what the future holds for programmatic!

2. Ride the Programmatic Wave: Come 2017, programmatic advertising is expected to grow 31%. If there is a time for programmatic, it is now. And what better than to head into the new year than by brushing up on your programmatic knowledge? Our mobile programmatic constellation, which we put together as an interactive infographic, is what you need! The infographic brings together the various aspects that make up the programmatic landscape and redirects to various relevant links should you want to dig deeper on a specific topic. Happy star-gazing!

3. Survive the Bot Attack: The bots are coming. Are you ready? Prepare yourself for automation with our ongoing four-part infographic series, in partnership with Pretio Interactive. The “Programmatic Survival Guide” is a must-read for ad tech professionals, advertisers, and publishers to understand the programmatic ecosystem in detail.

4. Take a Walk, Programmatic Walk: While on the subject of programmatic, how about we take you on a stroll? Take a walk with us in the programmatic park and learn all about the ten main steps when planning and executing a mobile programmatic campaign.

5. Achieve Mobile Advertising Success: AppLift’s Co-Founder and CEO Tim Koschella spoke to Thalamus earlier this year on mobile advertising pitfalls and best practices. Catch it here in case you missed it and gear up for app marketing success in 2017!

6. The Long Walk Across the Bridge: In a world that has already become mobile first, the smartphone will become the key channel for retailers to sell their products. However, the opportunity on mobile is currently under-leveraged in comparison with desktop Internet, as, from a usage perspective, mobile commerce is outpacing desktop commerce by a factor of 3x. AppLift’s COO and MD Stefan Benndorf explains the mCommerce gap.

7. Look, Our New Home: 2016 was the year when we continued to expand our global footprints and opened our new office in the dream city of New York!

8. Lessons From a Futurist, Footballer, and a Magician: We brought together some of the brightest minds in the industry at our inaugural FirstScreen Conference in Berlin in June. It was envisioned as a unique forum for marketers, technology professionals and the leading minds of the industry to meet, find inspiration and take a look at the future of the industry together, joined by luminaries such as futurist Pablos Holman, footballer turned entrepreneur Demy de Zeeuw, Dubsmash’s Suchit Dash, and our very own Tim Koschella!

9. Stay Ahead with DataLift 360: Earlier in the year we announced our new unified platform “DataLift 360” — the first platform to unify app advertising across the entire app lifecycle, from launch to growth and retention. DataLift 360 allows app marketers to seamlessly tap into all relevant mobile supply sources through one unique access point.

10. Are You Making These Retargeting Mistakes?: Re-engagement and retargeting are becoming the new buzzwords for mobile marketers, who are trying hard to make their mobile apps relevant to the users in the increasingly competitive market. Read the most common mistakes that mobile marketers should avoid while running retargeting campaigns and stay ahead in the game!

11. Two Boys, a Dream Trip, and the City of San Francisco: The winners of our hackathon won a 2 weeks’ trip to San Francisco, where they spent time solving real-life tech problems at AppLift Labs. Read all about their adventures!

12. Are You Really Ready for the Holiday Season?: Finally, before you devour that eggnog, pause and think if your app marketing strategy is ready for the holiday season. With the holidays, hoards of new devices get unpacked, consumption picks up, and it is more than ever essential to establish efficient communication with the users. Our webinar with and Pinterest answers the key question that plagues mobile marketers during the holiday season: how can they re-engage users before and after the holiday season?

Happy Holidays from the Team AppLift! See you in the new year!