Deep dive into the Chinese mobile market and 4 other stories you shouldn’t miss this week

Week 13Get the 5 most interesting links from the week that was in the mobile industry.

  1. Drilling under the mobile ad spend numbers (Net News Check)Last week we recommended an eMarkerters report which depicted impressive growth in the mobile ad market. Since then, StepLeader’s Matthew Davis has analyzed the report. In his article, he questions whether the growth is good news for any others than Facebook and Google, which account for the vast majority of the revenue and growth in the market. A controversial take worth a read.
  2. Apple’s upgrade rates destroy Android: iOS 7 now runs on 85% of iDevices (VentureBeat)According to an announcement from Apple, 85% of all iOS devices are now running iOS 7. In comparison, only around 2,5% of Android devices are updated with the latest major Android version, Kitkat. This displays one of the major vulnerabilities of Android’s open source structure: fragmentation.
  3. Boom times: Chinese mobile games market grew 156% in 2013 to $2.2 billion (PocketGamer)Another week, another report of soaring growth in the Chinese mobile games market. This week, PocketGamer, with data from various Chinese market intelligence companies, reports a whopping 156% growth in 2013. While the growth is predicted to slow down in the upcoming years, Chinese game publishers have already shown their potential for acquiring growth in overseas markets.
  4. China’s mobile gaming market: A quantitative deep dive (PocketGamer)If simple growth numbers are not enough, Ibrahim Dai from TalkingData, a Chinese mobile analytics company, takes a deep dive behind the numbers. Do not miss this article if you want Dai’s take on which factors are pivotal to this enormous growth.
  5. After WhatsApp: An insider’s view on what’s next in messaging (TechCrunch)The market for Over-The-Top (OTT) messaging apps has been burning hot this last month, best exemplified by the $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook. But what is really going on in the messaging market, and what are the most important questions to be answered? Ted Livingston, an insider in the OTT market, gives his opinion in this TechCrunch piece.