The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Ad-Based Mobile Monetization

A few weeks ago we published a handy cheat sheet which featured the most important metrics to monitor for mobile game publishers in the fields of user acquisition, retention, engagement and monetization. However, we left out a hugely important part of most mobile publishers’ activity. Advertising. Today, even though the majority out of the overall app revenue comes from in-app purchases, monetizing through virtual items remains extremely hard and on average, only a very small fraction of the user base actually converts. For this reason, in-app advertising, when done right, remains an attractive monetization strategy for all mobile publishers. That is why we are now presenting you our Cheat Sheet for Ad-Based Mobile Monetization. We have condensed all you need to know about monetizing your app into four main topics and explained everything in the most succinct and clear way possible:

  • Key Metrics
  • Main Mobile Ad Formats
  • Mobile Ad Tech Landscaped Simplified
  • Short Ad Tech Glossary

The cheat sheet is once again completely free and can be downloaded here.