“Will China Rule the World of Gaming?” and More of the Latest in Mobile

What does the last two weeks in mobile look like? We interview Swrve’s CEO, PubNative talks about native advertising and a PG Connects panel talk about the console/mobile convergence. But there’s no denying it: China is the talk of the town right now when it comes to mobile games news. As well as an opinion piece about China’s booming growth, the last two weeks have also given us a WSJ interview with the Vice President of Tencent’s game business. Stay tuned also for our upcoming Asian Beat installment devoted to China!

AppLift Interviews Swrve CEO Christopher Dean about Games Publisher Best Practices (AppLift)


For the second part of our Mobile Industry Exposed interview series, we talked to Christopher Dean, CEO of Swrve, about Swrve’s A/B testing case studies, best practices for mobile games publishers in terms of product, engagement and retention, and their 2014 New Players Report, which found that 50 percent of revenues accrue in the first three days of a player’s life.

PubNative Reveals Five of its 25+ Building Blocks for Mobile Native Ads (PubNative)


AppLift-funded native advertising SSP PubNative is the first platform of its kind to offer truly native ads accessible through an API with no SDK required. It allows mobile developers and publishers to create ad ‘templates’ that perfectly fit its app’s design, using up to 25+ building blocks. These can range from one image on an in-game billboard, to panels on a carousel in a music app, for example. The first five building blocks are revealed here.

Console Goes Mobile, and Mobile Goes Console


One of the panels at PG Connects Helsinki 2014 focused on key trends in the mobile games industry. Apart from that mobile games are now reaching 10 to 20 percent of the world’s population, becoming a mass market, one other trend stood out: console developers are moving towards mobile games marketing methods and analytics, and mobile developers are moving towards the high production values of console games.Dean Takahashi Asks, “Will China Rule the World of Gaming?”(VentureBeat)


The latest DeanBeat reflects on China’s booming growth, the thriving Chinese games companies such as iDreamSky, Perfect World and Tencent and the growing trend for big Chinese players acquiring Western companies. Dean questions whether China will actually take over the world in terms of mobile gaming but does stress that they aren’t finished taking their share of the global market yet.

Tencent Games Vice President Bo Wang Banks on a Chinese Mobile Games Boom(Wall Street Journal)


Chinese internet giant Tencent is reaping the benefits of the huge opportunity in a country with 500 million mobile games players. The WSJ talked to their VP of Games about their mobile messaging apps and distribution platforms WeChat and QQ, their strategic partnerships with publishers and the growing Chinese mobile games industry.

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