An Open Letter to the Industry: Why We Rebranded to Introduce Mobile Journey Advertising

Applift’s journey is that of a pioneer and a game-changer. When we started back in 2012, our efforts were focused on the needs of the app advertisers and from early on we established a strong focus on performance metrics. Realizing that CPI could not be the only correct metric to measure performance, we were one of the first to take LTV optimization seriously and build our technology and teams around that. We made the decision to focus on the objectives of demand clients, basing our services on strengthening our three pillars of technology, people and growth. Our offerings enabled dynamic pricing, empowering advertisers to optimize for their true ROI using CPA targets.

Now, we have taken on a journey of another ‘firsts.’

Applift has strengthened its brand to introduce Mobile Journey Advertising — our solution to connect with and activate customers in a mobile-first world. With this, we are the first and the only company to cover the full marketing funnel focusing on performance-centric outcomes.

Applift's true mobile performance solution Mobile Journey Advertising

Our solution, Mobile Journey Advertising, empowers app advertisers across the globe to connect with their target audiences, acquire new users and activate and re-engage existing users to become true customers.

We are pioneering the emergence of a new era in mobile advertising by eliminating the siloed approach of running user acquisition and retargeting campaigns separately. True performance generates results, and our CPA pricing lets you pay only for that, further to a more prevalent CPI approach that is the industry norm.

With this rebranding, we also took a step back to uncover and further enhance the essence of what Applift stands for, and what we are offering. Through our relentless innovation and proprietary technology, we are striving to connect businesses with users on the mobile channel and make them customers. At Applift, we are shapers, connectors, trust builders and we generate results. And we aimed for this to be reflected also in our brand, visual appeal and design.

Mobile revolutionizes the way people live their lives. And at Applift, we are revolutionizing the way businesses build relationships with their customers in a mobile-first world via our Mobile Journey Advertising solution.

Welcome to the mobile-first world. We are proud to be your partner in helping you to reach and convert your users to customers. We welcome you to the new Applift, as we continue our journey together with the promise of true mobile performance and true expertise in service.

Maor Sadra,

MD & CRO, Applift