We’ve Rebranded! Announcing Mobile Journey Advertising Solution for Advertisers

True mobile performance Applift

We are excited to announce that Applift has strengthened its brand under the tagline “True Mobile Performance” in support of our new solution, Mobile Journey Advertising, focused on performance-centric outcomes through cost per action (CPA). The rebrand includes our new logo, website design, and brand messaging, in support of our approach that delivers performance along the whole customer journey combining user acquisition and retargeting to deliver maximized ROAS for mobile marketers.

Mobile Journey Advertising eliminates the siloed approach of running mobile app user acquisition campaigns and retargeting campaigns separately, by allowing advertisers to pay for acquired customers, rather than paying for potentially non-engaged or non-activated users. The solution delivers performance-based pricing in its purest form, allowing our advertisers to connect with users and activate them to become loyal and engaged customers. This ultimately increases their return on advertising spend and allows brands to pay for true results on a CPA pricing model.

“The mobile advertising industry is in dire need of an ROI-centric model that focuses on the entire funnel and drives customer activation,” said Applift’s CEO, Tim Koschella. “Applift is the first and the only mobile advertising company to offer this true performance CPA model for new and re-engaged customers. We’re pleased and proud to offer our clients an integrated offering to pay only for true results, in an industry that still largely relies on legacy pricing models.”

Mobile Journey Advertising is focused on optimizing performance throughout the entire funnel, beginning with reaching the desired audience, acquiring new users, converting new users to customers, and continuing to re-engage them.

Applift’s rebrand comes as a direct response to shifts in mobile advertising over the last few years that have left brands and marketers with high install metrics but potentially low numbers of quality engaged customers.

We invite you to explore our new website and get ready to discover your user’s journey!