New AppLift APAC Offices: To Asia and Beyond…

Today we are extremely pleased to announce our expansion across the APAC region with three new offices in Beijing, China, Tokyo, Japan, as well as Delhi, India. Roughly two years after the opening of our first Asian office in Seoul, we can safely say that we have managed to convert the mobile opportunity lying in the region. Proof of the relevance of our decision to invest in Asia, AppLift’s revenue in the region have tripled over the past twelve months. The mobile opportunity in APAC can’t be denied. Asia already holds half of smartphone penetration worldwide and, according to GSMA, the region accounts for two-thirds of global mobile revenue growth and a third of the revenue itself. eMarketer also predicts that the ad spend in APAC will increase by 62.1 percent in 2015, with China expected to grow by 100%, and India by 80%. Among other estimates, mobile internet ad spending in China will surpass $12 billion in 2107.Additionally, South Korea, China, Japan, and India (the countries where AppLift is physically located) should together make up three-fourths of the total ad spend.


As Stephen Chung, AppLift’s Managing Director for Asia put it:

Since we launched our first Asian office in May 2013, we have witnessed the tremendous growth of the APAC region, and over the last two years we managed to benefit from this opportunity substantially. Having a strong client base in China, Japan, and India already, it was only natural to open physical offices there in order to better service our existing partners and establish new partnerships.

We look forward to working with our Asian as well as our Western partners even more closely in the future! If you would like to advertise your apps in the region, talk to us at info (at)


Access the full press release here.