Travel Apps: The World of Travel in Mobile [Infographic]

Digital travel sales is a $450 billion market worldwide (2014 figures by eMarketer). By 2017, 30% of travel sales in the United States will be generated through a mobile device (Statista). By 2018, mobile travel researchers will account for 71.3% of digital travel researchers in the US (eMarketer). Today already, 47% of travelers start planning a trip on a smartphone. Travel apps are, increasingly, where the purchase intent starts.To explore the huge travel opportunity on mobile, we teamed up with app store analytics company Priori Data and brought you an overview of the travel app category. The infographic includes the following insights from the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store:

  • Number of Travel Apps in the app stores
  • Top 5 Publishers of Travel App per Country and Platform (in terms of downloads and for selected countries)
  • Average Cost of Acquisition for Travel Apps (for selected countries)

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The World of Travel in Mobile from AppLift

PS: For tips on how to develop a mobile strategy for travel and tourism apps, check out this ebook from our friends at AppsBuilder.What is your experience in mobile travel apps? Any tips to share ? Let us know in the comments!