Announcing DataLift 360: Uniting the App Marketing Process Across The Entire App Lifecycle

AppLift’s inaugural FirstScreen Conference kicked off today at Kino International in Berlin, bringing together the leading minds of the mobile industry, and offering quite a few inspiring and insightful talks.

At the event, we announced our new unified platform “DataLift 360” — the first platform to unify app advertising across the entire app lifecycle, from launch to growth and retention. DataLift 360 allows app marketers to seamlessly tap into all relevant mobile supply sources through one unique access point.

With DataLift 360’s unified platform, app marketers can programmatically access and control entire mobile supply sources through a single proprietary technology platform, including RTB exchanges, social channels, direct publishers and all categories of networks. In addition, the platform supports all ad formats relevant to performance advertising, including banner, interstitial, native, video and rich media ads.

“As consumers engage with a variety of apps and mobile websites, the path to app profitability becomes exceedingly difficult for marketers to navigate,” said Tim Koschella, CEO and Co-founder of AppLift. “Advertisers need to understand how to effectively reach their target audiences to gain maximum ROI. DataLift 360 simplifies this process by providing unified access to mobile inventory through an advertising platform tailored to each stage of the app marketing lifecycle.”

For the first time, marketers launching their app can programmatically tap into rewarded channels, while those wishing to grow their user base can leverage DataLift 360’s audience management tool, helping to acquire targeted users across any inventory. Marketers looking to retain or re-engage long standing users can also seamlessly leverage first party data to retarget them across programmatic exchanges, social and audience-enabled networks.

DataLift 360’s underlying technology stack, such as its proprietary bidding algorithms, highly- scalable infrastructure, high data processing capacities, proprietary LTV optimization engine and fraud prevention system are all advantages created for mobile marketers to increase maximum benefit and ensure the success of their app businesses.

DataLift 360 will be publicly available in the second half of 2016 and is currently in closed beta mode for a few select clients.