eBook: The Ultimate Guide To Mobile Programmatic Media Buying

We are thrilled to release our new eBook: The Ultimate Guide To Mobile Programmatic Media Buying.

The digital advertising industry, and especially mobile advertising, has evolved at a rapid pace in the last couple of years, and much of that evolution has been towards programmatic. Programmatic advertising, i.e. the automated buy of media placements, has gone mainstream in the last few years, replacing traditional ad-space sells for mobile websites and mobile apps. Jimmy Kimmel once famously called programmatic as the “gluten” of advertising: much like gluten became a buzzword for the food industry, programmatic has been a buzzword for mobile ad tech.

All studies confirm the trend that programmatic media buying, in mobile in particular, is soaring. Advertisers, increasingly, are buying ad spots via automated technology or programmatic, without depending on humans to carry out the campaigns. Mobile is already there and we are looking at an all-encompassing programmatic future that even includes TV ads.

However, despite all the buzz around programmatic, there is still confusion around what the term means and implies. Few know what it stands for, and even fewer know how to use it for media buying.

Our latest comprehensive eBook:

  • Demystifies what programmatic actually is.
  • Explains how mobile media can be bought through automated solutions.
  • Shows how advertisers can leverage different types of data for improved campaign performance.
  • Provides tips and best practices on programmatic media buying, including three real-life adtech horror stories all programmatic media buyers can relate to!

Head here to get your copy of the eBook and learn everything you wanted to know about programmatic, but were too afraid to ask!