FirstScreen Focus: Interview with TUNE’s Saira Nayak

AppLift’s inaugural conference, FirstScreen, is just a few a weeks away. As we countdown to June 15, we bring to you a series of interviews with our speakers. Read on to learn more about their perspective on all things mobile! Up this week is TUNE’s Chief Privacy Officer, Saira Nayak.

Thank you so much for taking part in the first edition of the FirstScreen Conference. To start off, a general question: what does the concept of mobile mean to you?

Thanks to the AppLift team for inviting me to your first ever FirstScreen conference, I’m honored to be included!.

To me, mobile means having access to technology and services, whenever and wherever you need them. We already know that today’s mobile devices are transforming how we communicate, play and work. But with the advent of the “Internet of Things,” our mobile devices have become a remote control for managing life itself; for instance, I control my home’s temperature and security settings using my phone. Of course, this ubiquitous, 24/7 access to devices on our person, and in our homes, raises a whole new set of privacy and security concerns.

Why is privacy of paramount importance for all players of the mobile ecosystem, today more than ever?

Privacy is important because for most mobile players, building trust with end users is critical to business success.

Think about all the investment you put into user acquisition, or making your services appealing to end users. You run a serious risk of losing all the investment with a privacy screw-up.

And often, privacy isn’t that hard to comply with. Simple things like: 1) providing end users a privacy policy that tells them how your services work and what data is being tracked, and/or 2) providing end users an opt out of tracking, are part of privacy requirements, but also show the end user that you respect them as an individual person.

What is your primary piece of privacy advice for mobile app developers and advertisers?

Take inventory of the data you collect, use and share – creating a “data map” is a great first step. Then, figure out how you are complying with the various laws and requirements that come into play. After that, document your processes, and establish owners for compliance. Providing evidence of how you are being “accountable” with your internal and client data is a critical part of complying with privacy and data protection laws in the EU, US and other parts of the world.

What are you most looking forward to at #firstscreen16?

I am very much looking forward to meeting and connecting with all the great minds that will be attending this conference, and learning about the latest trends in mobile technologies. It’s always good to see the Applift team, plus, I’ll get to spend time with my amazing TUNE Berlin colleagues as well. And of course, I’m excited to visit Berlin in the summer!

FirstScreen will take place on June 15th in the vibrant digital capital of Europe, Berlin. AppLift has teamed up with Online Marketing Rockstars to host this show at Kino International Berlin. For tickets and conference details, please click here.

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