The Global Mobile Games Landscape Reloaded (infographic)

In October 2013 we published our first Global Mobile Games Landscape infographic, sharing data on the state of the mobile industry from global game market research company Newzoo. Now, almost one year on, we are coming out with The Global Mobile Games Landscape Reloaded, the revised version with the most up-to-date industry data.

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Our intention was to update this periodically with new figures to coincide with the yearly Newzoo Global Games Market Report. With a mobile games monetization map and an appeal matrix across six regions (North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa and Latin America), our infographic provides mobile games publishers with information on average monthly user spending, the cost of loyal gamer acquisition, market growth around the world and market values. Real data on global growth and regional variation to support important marketing and strategic decisions.Here are the key takeaways of the analysis:

    • The overall mobile games market will amount to $21.7BN in 2014
    • The total mobile games revenue will double by 2017, to an estimated $35.4 billion
    • The Latin American mobile games market is now the fastest growing in the world, with 60% year on year growth from last year
    • The Western European mobile games market, which was the fastest growing marketing in the world (63% year on year), is now one of the slowest (25%)
    • Total revenue for Asia Pacific is predicted to reach $12.2 billion this year, to remain by far the largest mobile games market worldwide
    • Asia Pacific owns 56% of total global mobile games revenue
    • North America is the most attractive market for monetization with $6.21 average spend per paying mobile gamer per month
    • The average spend per month per paying mobile user in Asia Pacific has grown from $2.86 to $4.17
    • The average spend per month per paying mobile user in North America has grown from $3.87 to $6.21
    • Overall, Western Europe, North America and Asia Pacific will remain the most appealing markets for mobile game publishers.

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