Mobile Predicted to Grow by 83 Percent This Year and Other Mobile News of the Fortnight

Once again, it’s time for the latest mobile news, including this week’s exciting announcement from AppLift and a video of our CRO Jean-Philippe being interviewed by PocketGamer at PG Connects Helsinki.

The Finding of the Fortnight (eMarketer)


eMarketer present new figures and predict that this year we will see a 5.3 percent increase in the total advertising investment, bringing the 2014 sum to $180.12 billion. If this happens, it would represent the biggest year-on-year growth since 2004. Mobile will lead the way, with 83 percent more being spent on mobile ads than in 2013, which is an increase of $8.04 billion.

The AppLift News of the Fortnight (VentureBeat)PubNativeThis week we were proud to announce our 7-digit seed funding investment in PubNative, the first API-based mobile publisher platform completely focused on native advertising. PubNative represents the next step in what will be one of the biggest and most important trends in mobile advertising moving forward. It’s available through an API with no SDK required, so publishers can design ads themselves with 20+ building blocks, creating unique, form- and function-fitting native advertising.The Forecast of the Fortnight (MobileMarketingWatch)The-30-Billion-Advertising-Gorilla-is-in-Mobile-300x161Mobile advertising is a gorilla? Well, yes, in a metaphorical sense, it’s the 800 pound gorilla in the room, that’s so powerful it simply cannot be ignored. Mary Meeker, who is well known for her presentations on “the state of the internet”, recently highlighted mobile as advertising category with the greatest potential for growth; 20 percent of media time is spent on mobile, but just 4 percent of advertising spend is being allocated there. According to Meeker, there is a $30 billion opportunity to be had in mobile advertising.The Interview of the Fortnight (PocketGamer)jean-phillip-decka-r225xAppLift CRO Jean-Philippe was interviewed by PocketGamer’s George Osborn at PG Connects in Helsinki. They had a quick conversation about challenges within mobile advertising right now, such as the beginning of an Apple crackdown on incentivized traffic, as well as what we are looking ahead to in terms of trends, including native advertising and TV branding campaigns.The Asian Insight of the Fortnight (AppLift)1381222023_thumbWe recently published our Asian Beat #2, this time providing mobile publishers and advertisers with our recommended best practices, in a list we like to call “5 Winning Moves for Mobile Games Advertisers in South Korea”. Included are the publishing platform options, the best types of traffic to seek after and branding and localization strategies that we know to perform well in South Korea.