Life at AppLift with Rishi Agarwal

On the AppLift blog, we’re hard at work sharing the latest and freshest tips, trends, and analyses in the mobile advertising industry. Since we started this blog three years ago, we’ve made it our mission to inform, educate, and improve the standards of our industry while avoiding self-promotion as much as possible (well, we do have to talk about ourselves sometimes, this is a corporate blog after all ;).

We are continuing with our series Life at AppLift in order to introduce the people working in our company. The goal is to give a glimpse into who makes our company so vibrant, but also to look at how each individual person within our organization, through their work, can positively impact our industry.

Discover Rishi Agarwal, Managing Director, DataLift Enterprise.

1. How long have you been working here? What has your career path been at AppLift?

I have been working here at AppLift since the Bidstalk acquisition in May’15. At Bidstalk, my role was that of a co-CEO, handling Product Development, Sales Operations, HR, Finance and Office Management. My role has evolved post acquisition as an owner of DataLift Enterprise business unit and I currently lead a team of 20+ people in Bangalore/Berlin.

2. How do you impact the mobile advertising industry through your job?

Through DataLift Enterprise, we are empowering Mobile Media Traders, Trading desks, Telcos, SSPs and Agencies to get access to global mobile ad spaces at a very high ROI.

3. Can you describe your team? What makes your team unique?

My team includes seasoned mobile ad tech experienced Account Managers and optimization specialists. The team is highly passionate about mobile advertising and making a mark in this dynamically paced industry.

4. What kind of people thrive in your team?

Some of the team members come from reputed global ad tech companies while some acquired exceptional skills even though this was their first job.

5. What is your best memory in AppLift so far ?

Dec’14 & later in Dec’15 we broke our previous spend records. We are all set to make Dec’16 even bigger. The best memories are about working together as one team to achieve the goals that we set for ourselves.

6. What did you find at AppLift that you didn’t have in any previous job?

Mobile adtech is the most dynamic industry I have worked so far and I just love the pace at which industry is evolving and growing. This is definitely keeping the spirits high and keeping me motivated.