New eBook: Mobile Games Marketing in Asia’s Big 3 – China, Japan and South Korea

Asia makes up 48 percent of the total global games market. In order to succeed in your mobile games marketing in Asia, it is crucial to know the numbers and figures and understand the key specific characteristics in each of your target countries. Our brand new eBook, An Overview of Mobile Games Marketing in Asia’s Big 3: The Chinese, Japanese and South Korean Mobile Landscape, produced in collaboration with games market research experts Newzoo, is your guide to the statistics and qualities that make up the three biggest mobile games markets in Asia.

Mobile Games Marketing in Asia

The eBook features the key metrics and key specifics relating to mobile games marketing in China, Japan and South Korea. Smartphone penetration, percentage of very active mobile players, monthly ARPPU and average CPI levels are all included, as well as the top five genres, top five game publishers and more. In a similar vein to our Global Mobile Games Landscape infographic, we have also created a comprehensive mobile gaming landscape which lays out the main facts per country, and an appeal matrix which rates all three countries in terms of how attractive they are to mobile games publishers taking into consideration all that we know.

Mobile games marketing in Asia: China

China is the most promising mobile games market in Asia for publishers, due to overtake the US in 2015 as second largest country after Japan. Between 2013 and 2014, China’s total mobile games revenue grew 86 percent to $4.25 billion. Monetization is still low, but there is a lot of room for growth, especially that smartphone penetration is still quite low (46.9 percent).

Mobile games marketing in Asia: Japan

Japan is the world’s largest mobile app market in revenue (overtook the US in Q3 2013). A high percentage (43 percent) of the Japanese population plays mobile games. Japan also has the world’s highest monthly ARPPU ($50) as well as the highest average spend per monthly paying mobile gamer (ARPPU), at $22.1. More than 10 percent of Japanese paying mobile gamers spend over $25 per month. Year-on-year growth is relatively low (9 percent) but there is still growth potential as feature phones get replaced by more advanced devices. Indeed, smartphone penetration remains rather low (60 percent) for an industrialized country.

Mobile games marketing in Asia: South Korea

South Korea is a relatively small market compared to China and Japan, but good potential for growth (33% Year-on-Year growth between 2013 and 2014). Android makes up a large majority, 85 percent, of the installed base of device operating systems. The social component of games and virality are extremely important. Nine out of ten of the top grossing apps are published on messaging platform Kakao, which itself is installed on 93 percent of smartphones in the country.To learn more, download our new eBook, An Overview of Mobile Games Marketing in Asia’s Big 3: China, Japan and South Korea, using the form below:

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