The Mobile Programmatic Constellation: An Interactive Infographic

Programmatic advertising has seen an explosive growth since 2014, emerging as one of the hottest buzzword in mobile advertising. However, despite all the buzz around it, there is still confusion around what the term means and implies. This is why we decided to create the Programmatic Constellation, our newest interactive infographic on mobile programmatic.

This Constellation has been put together as a comprehensive guide to mobile programmatic for advertisers, publishers and ad tech enthusiasts (or anyone who is still spending sleepless nights trying to google what programmatic is!). The infographic brings together the various aspects that make up the programmatic landscape and redirects to various relevant links should you want to dig deeper on a specific topic.

It is meant as a living document, which means that we will update it on a regular basis with new content. If you have feedback or suggestions on how to improve it, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Simply send us an email at

The Constellation can be enjoyed the same way you shop at IKEA: you can go directly to the part that interests you by clicking on the relevant “planet”, or you can take the whole tour by pressing the right arrow on your keyboard. For maximum enjoyment, set the infographic on “full screen mode”.

We begin with the types of programmatic media buying, and then take you through the pricing mechanisms guiding the auctions. As you go through each “planet” in the programmatic constellation, you will learn some tips along the way on how to optimize mobile programmatic campaigns for better results, get an insight into the market size and where the next innovations in programmatic will come from, as well understand how to detect and fight fraud.

So, join in as we take you on a mobile programmatic odyssey. Happy exploring!